A Non-disabled Experience of Rejection and Exclusion

Author: negin

I am an Iranian-American journalist, author and disability rights activist. Focusing on disability rights in Iran and Paralympic Games, I have been working in disability field since 1995. In addition to my activities as a volunteer, I have covered the news and stories of the Iranian disability community for Ettela’at Newspaper from 1995 to 2010, and for the other Iranian publications since 2010. As an author, I have published a book (in Farsi) on disability studies which is considered as the first Farsi resource on disability studies (2015). As an author, I have been invited by the Iranian National Paralympic Committee to attend four Paralympic games: Rio 2016, London 2012, Beijing 2008, and Athene 2004. Missing the opportunity to attend the Rio games, I attended the other three Paralympics, and published two books in Farsi on the events. I have been a member of the Manuscript Review Board for the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal since 2013.