Accessing STEM classes through interpreters

Author: Cheryl Reminder

Cheryl has been interpreting professionally since 1995. She earned both an Associate of Applied Science in 1994 and a Bachelor of Science in 2016, in ASL-English Interpretation from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Cheryl received her Certificate of Interpretation (CI) in 1998. Cheryl has worked at RIT her entire professional career, specializing in STEM content areas. In addition to her interpreting, Cheryl managed all of the interpreting requests for the College of Science and the College of Health Science and Technology, in addition to the schedules of over 25 interpreters for 12 years. Cheryl’s current role is that of the STEM interpreter Outreach Coordinator. This role is a collaboration between NTID’s Regional STEM Center and the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind with the mission to provide support and strategies to working K-12 interpreters focusing on STEM content areas.