Adapted Notes for Extreme Accessibility

Author: DrKPBecht

Dr. Becht has been in the field of Exceptional Education for over 25 years. Dr. Becht teaches students (and their families) from elementary to college age about high expectations, going to work, attending college and all that it takes to get there. Dr. Becht is an educator, advocate, sister, and parent of individuals with disabilities. Currently, the Director of Florida’s Consortium on Inclusive Higher Education (FCIHE), she is immersed in supporting institutions of higher education, community agencies, K-12 schools, and families to see the potential in and opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities as co-eds on Florida’s campuses. Dr. Becht has been providing technical assistance through site visits, research, and presentations throughout Florida and nationally on the topics of inclusive postsecondary education, programs of study, and academic access for this population of college student.