Adopting C- Pen Exam Reader Pens in Official HE Examinations – An Irish Case Study

Author: Thomas O Shaughnessy

My name is Thomas O Shaughnessy, and I am the Assistive Technology Officer at the University of Limerick in Ireland. I am also currently a PhD candidate in Education where my PhD focuses on the role of assistive technology in pre-service teacher education programmes. I have experience working in the area of Assistive Technology for over 10 years and in this role involves assessing and training students with disabilities on a range of assistive technologies. My expertise in assistive technology in education means I often guest lecture on Masters programmes in the area of assistive technology and on UDL. I have presented previously at conferences like EdTech, ATIA, AHEAD (Ireland), and IATSE. I also manage the Educational Assistive Technology Center, an assistive technology training center which is used to train students as well as a range of internal and external clients (teachers, SLP’s, OT’s etc.) on assistive technologies.