Anti-Ableism Caucusing: Non-Disabled DS Provider Caucus (see “partnered proposal” for disabled DS providers to happen at the same time)

Author: jen.dugger

Jen Dugger is the Director of the Disability Resource Center at Portland State University. Jen has worked at PSU since 2012 and has been in disability services since 2006. She has been a board member for AHEAD since 2016 and she is currently serving as AHEAD’s Equity Officer. Jen was a member of the board of directors for the ACLU-Oregon from 2014-2019 and most recently served as the chair of the Equity & Inclusion Committee, and VP for Equity. As a white, nondisabled, cisgender queer woman, Jen understands the gravity of leveraging power and privilege for those less advantaged and does her best to stay connected to and informed by individuals and communities doing anti-oppression work. Jen has conducted trainings and presentations for WAPED and ORAHEAD (two affiliates of AHEAD), EDUCAUSE, and Academic Impressions, as well as for the AHEAD organization itself. Jen’s work predominantly centers around disability as an aspect of diversity, ableism, power and privilege, equity in DS.