Beyond Accommodations or Self-Efficacy: The Power of Transformative Learning in Postsecondary Disability Services

Author: kmarquard

Dr. Ken Marquard has worked in special education and disability services for almost 45 years as a teacher, coordinator, researcher, and director. He is currently a university researcher examining the potential of students with disabilities in higher education as well as application of transformative learning practices. Dr. Marquard is a national presenter in diverse areas of disability-related issues in higher education, transformative learning, and early childhood education. Currently Dr. Marquard also facilitates a network of over 90 agencies that either directly or indirectly serve individuals with disabilities in 3 counties, and develop initiatives to address disability issues at all ages. He has a Ph.D. in special education and reading, and has been awarded the Lifetime Service Excellence Award by the Florida AHEAD affiliate and each year someone is given the award in his honor. He is the creator of the programs that are now the subject of the proposed presentation.