Caring for Yourself to Care for Others: Approaches to Workplace Wellness

Author: tljalaba

I am a licensed occupational therapist and along with my role in disability services I am clinical faculty in our Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice. This clinic was the birthplace of Lifestyle Redesign, which is world-renowned wellness-promoting intervention in the field of occupational therapy. I have presented at over 6 professional conferences at both the state and national level and have experience giving guest lectures, leading workshops, and providing in-services both on campus and with our community partners. This past year, I developed and delivered a 3 hour continuing education course for the occupational therapy department that is provided as a webinar for occupational therapists to access across the globe. At our DS office, I have implemented and co-chair a wellness committee that plans monthly wellness events. I also programmed and led half of our staff retreat this year, with an emphasis on self-care practices for our staff.