Collaborate to Educate: Working together to educate and prepare students with disabilities for career and beyond

Author: jordanleigh_walker

I currently serve as an accommodation specialist. In my role, I work with students to implement classroom accommodations that are necessary because of a diagnosis. My conversations with students involve discussion about career – what opportunities are available and if accommodations are available in the workplace. Often, students recognize the need to understand necessary conversations regarding disability once they graduate. Additionally, I also completed a practicum in a career services office during my graduate program. I was exposed to how institutions prepare the general student body for career opportunities. Upon reflection, I realized that we rarely see intentional career programming for students with disabilities. In reality, such students have extra components to consider, and concern often arises when working toward their career goals. I also presented at the 2017 NASPA Annual Conference. My group and I presented a rubric for best practices when serving first-generation students