Critical Decision Making in DRS: Process, Principles & Practices

Author: tthompso6b

The presenter is a retired Director of Disability Resources (30 year career at a large community college) and has served as the Interim Director of two other universities. He has been a frequent presenter at AHEAD since 1985 and has done reviews of Disability Resources at 30 campuses across the U.S., working currently for AHEAD and NASPA. He has been a mentor to many new professionals in Disability Resources and is currently serving as a Co-Chair of the CAPED Program Management, CA Interest Group (CIG). The presenter has had success garnering $250,000 in external funding from private and corporate donors, success in collaborating to establish 7 endowed scholarships and internal funding of $25,000. At both campuses, where he worked, he was successful in gaining more space and additional staff.