Cultural Implications and Multicultural Competencies in Working with Latino Students with Disabilities

Author: Vivian Hardison

Vivian has worked at the Disability Support Services (DSS) office at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC) since 2013. Vivian started attending the AHEAD conferences in 2018 when she became the Assistant Director at DSS after being the Testing Coordinator for 5 years. At the AHEAD conferences, Vivian attends the REDD SIG events and will attend the member’s conference calls they hold periodically throughout the year. Vivian is the disability representative and member of the Diversity Council at SIUC. Vivian also is on the Southern Illinois University Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) for the Southern Illinois University System. Vivian’s research focuses on Latinos with disabilities and the cultural implications of them receiving services and treatment. Vivian does presentations throughout the year on SIUC campus. The presentations consists of information about the DSS office, available services, and what other departments can do to better assist students with disabilities.