Deaf Cognition and Learning; The Post-Secondary challenge


Michael Canale has been a nationally certified interpreter for the deaf for over twenty years. He started his career at Mill Neck school for the deaf in New York working with children and adults. In 1998 he became the Program Director for Deaf and Hard of Hearing at Teachers College Columbia University. He served as chair of the National Interpreter Certification Task Force, the Educational Interpreter Task force and has served as the Chair of the Certification Council for over a decade. Mr. Canale received his B.S. in Signed Language Interpreting for the University of New Mexico. Thereafter attending a master’s certificate program in chemical dependency counseling for the deaf and Hard of Hearing. While at Teachers College he was pursuing his doctorate in applied linguistics researching language acquisition of deaf and hearing children of deaf parents. Mr. Canale has worked to create model for post-secondary accommodations and services for deaf and hard of hearing students