Developing an Effective Peer Mentoring Program for Students with Disabilities

Author: Jennifer Biggers

Jennifer Biggers is a disability specialist at the Student Disability Resource Center at University of California-Riverside Campus. Jennifer works with students with psychological disabilities, chronic health conditions, and learning disabilities. Jennifer has ten years of experience of working in the K-12 setting with students with disabilities as a teacher and an administrator. Jennifer’s expertise lies in post-secondary transition readiness and has taken this experience to UC-Riverside to develop programming for first year, transfer students, and students who have been newly diagnosed. Jennifer has overseen the SDRC Peer Mentoring Program for the past three years and has increased its participation by 100%. Additionally, Jennifer oversees programming as it relates to time management and has recently established a graduate accountability cohort for graduate students with disabilities. University of California-Riverside Campus is No. 1 in Social Mobility (U.S. News