Enhancing Academic Performance in Students with Mental Health Conditions

Author: BrittanyLynnStone

Brittany Stone, MS, CRC is a Lecturer at Rutgers University. Much of Brittany’s work as a researcher, trainer, & service provider has focused on promoting the career development of people with psychiatric conditions. She develops & provides training & technical assistance to agencies seeking to improve education & employment outcomes for people with mental health conditions in NJ & surrounding states. She also provides online & classroom instruction & clinical supervision to students in the Psychosocial Rehabilitation program & graduate students in Rehabilitation Counseling program. Additionally, Brittany has been involved in federally funded research focused on supporting students with mental health conditions. Brittany has worked in a variety of community based mental health settings. She is currently engaged in doctoral studies in Counselor Education and Supervision and has continued to build knowledge of supporting students with disabilities in the pursuit of higher education.