Equitable Opportunity: The Impact of Disability Management Curriculum on Independent Living Status and Self-Sufficiency

Author: emp0006

Eric Peebles is an Adjunct Professor of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies at Auburn University. His areas of focus include factors that impact the psychosocial adjustment of emerging adults with disabilities. Peebles has recently completed an individual research study examining factors that affect recruitment and retention of students with significant disabilities in higher education. This study explores the extent to which completion of an undergraduate degree that includes coursework in disability management course work contributes to the independent living and economic self-sufficiency of graduates with severe physical disabilities. Dr. Peebles is also an individual with a significant mobility impairment. His first-person accounts of navigating the postsecondary system to an advanced level provide additional insight into the psychosocial impact of quality disability services on the economic and community self-sufficiency of graduates.