Exercise Training Effects on Cognition and Well-Being in Neurodivergent College Students

Author: rbryck

My background and graduate training (Ph.D.) is in cognitive psychology; I’ve parlayed these skills into the translation of basic research into applied outcomes in my current position at Landmark College, one of only two colleges in the country specifically serving students “who learn differently.” My work centers on understanding disparities in executive function (EF), including testing strategies, interventions, and pedagogies aimed at enhancing EF. I have conducted several literature reviews and written articles on the effects of exercise on cognition and EF. I have served as the principal investigator on several national and foundation grants, including a study investigating resiliency training for college students with learning differences, and as a program evaluator on a NSF funded project providing STEM mentoring for students with learning differences. I have also presented numerous times at national conference and in professional development workshops.