Exploring the Impact of Perceptions of Faculty Support and Bias on Students with Learning Disabilities

Author: Carolyn Corbran

The research I’ll be presenting is from my dissertation that I have conducted with interviewing students with learning disabilities in higher education settings. I have been working on this dissertation for the past year and am finishing it up by early Spring ’20. I will go into specifics in the proposal area, but my topic evolved over the course of my career in providing disability support services to students in colleges and universities. I have worked at Fordham University for four years, Barnard College for four years, and Seton Hall University for over a year. Conducting my study has been transformative for me in my work as a disability support services provider and I hope to engage the AHEAD conference audience with information to help them think about their own practice in ways to better support all students with disabilities based on the experiences the participants have shared with me.