Faculty Perspectives on Inclusive Courses: Teaching College Students with Intellectual Disability

Author: daria

I am a Senior Research Associate at the ICI at UMass Boston and am conducting the study on which this presentation is based. I have expertise in qualitative research and evaluation with a focus on disability and rehabilitation, among other areas. In addition to a PhD in sociocultural anthropology, I also hold a Master of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in clinical psychology. I have worked on several research and evaluation projects in the disability field and presented findings at statewide and national conferences, as well as in webinars and meetings at federal agencies. For example, I presented at the 2017 Summit on Performance Management Excellence and the 2018 conference on Evidence-Based Practices in Vocational Rehabilitation, and co-authored a poster for the 2018 Council on Exceptional Children conference. Additionally, I have taught college-level courses and given over a dozen presentations at national and regional conferences on my doctoral research.