Having Hope in the Austerity Era of Higher Education: An Exploration of Organizational Tactics and Human Connection

Author: jlogiudice

Joseph A. LoGiudice is Director of The AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services (AAC/SDS) of The City College of New York. He is a licensed social worker and an educator from New York City. Mr. LoGiudice is a seasoned professional with more than ten years of experience in the area of disability policy and services. He has taught college courses on disability policy and practice, clinical practice, and social welfare history and policies at various universities, including the development of a course on disability policy at NYU Silver School of Social Work. Mr. LoGiudice serves on the Advisory Board of Disability Compliance for Higher Education, a monthly journal that addresses vital issues for disability professionals at postsecondary institutions. His interest is in understanding and advocating for LGBTQ individuals with disabilities, while utilizing perspectives from disability studies, sexuality studies, and intersectionality. He received a Master of Social Work degree from New York University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Columbia University.