Hi! I’m New Here: Successes and Setbacks in Establishing an Accessibility Office

Author: ctflynn

I am the Disability Specialist referenced throughout the presentation. I worked as the Accommodation Coordinator in Student Accessibility Services for 1.5 years before being promoted to the new temporary role of Disability Specialist. I’ve been involved in the Fletcher work from the very beginning, and quite motivated to see it succeed. All of the advice and recommendations I plan to make will come from my direct experiences. I came to Tufts University with a background in higher education administration, disability awareness and advocacy, and theater and improv comedy. While the theater part of my background may seem irrelevant here, my ability to think on my feet and adapt to different situations has made me an effective communicator, especially in difficult conversations and areas where creative thinking is needed. The work I have done in my current role has utilized those skills tremendously, and I am confident that with my co-presenter, I will be able to deliver an engaging session