If We Can Do It, So Can You: Proctoring 6,000 Exams per Semester with 2 Full-Time Staff

Author: rkipley

Carsen Kipley is the Manager of Accommodation Services for the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at the University of Arizona. He is responsible for the daily operation, coordination, and planning of exam administration, note-taking, document conversion, and captioning services. Carsen serves as part of the DRC’s access and accommodation team, providing support to faculty, students, and staff to assure curricular access. He has worked extensively in exam administration/accommodation and specializes in understanding the curricular environment and program requirements of the University’s Eller College of Management to support design modifications and accommodations that provide access. He started with UA Disability Resources as an undergrad in 2011 and has worked as well as a student worker, Office Specialist, Program Coordinator and Accommodations Consultant within Exam Administration.