Inclusion of Holistic Assessment in College Student Recruitment and Acceptance

Author: Joe Crawford

Michelle, in her capacity as Senior Vice President and Chief Legal and Assessment Officer at Project Lead The Way (PLTW), is an active advocate and researcher in education policy and has published and made numerous national and local presentations on topics such as assessment validity and ethics, student and teacher civil rights, intellectual property, and data security in the education sector. She has served as a School Quality Reviewer on behalf of the State Board of Education and was a 2016 gubernatorial appointee to the panel to study alternatives to the ISTEP Program Test, on which she helped develop a recommendation for a statewide assessment program to meet the needs of students, parents, and educators. She also served as a Commissioner with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission from 2014-16, and served as the co-chair to the education subcommittee for the Your Life Matters Task Force. She has many years of experience serving as General Counsel to multiple state education agencies.