Increasing Diversity: Including Students with Intellectual Disability in Higher Education

Author: cateweir

Cate Weir is currently the Project Director for Think College, a national training and technical assistance center focused on postsecondary education for students with intellectual disabilities at UMass Boston. She manages all aspects of the national technical assistance center, including product development and dissemination (website design, development and updating, project publications, social media, online module development), national technical assistance provision, and large scale and targeted training (both face to face and online). She previously coordinated a project that focused on faculty training on how to better support all student learning, including students with disabilities. As the Disability Services Coordinator at Manchester (NH) Community College, Cate established the first disability services office at the college, arranging accommodations for all students with disabilities at the college and providing training on laws and regulations related to students with disabilities as well as Universal Design for Learning principles to college faculty and staff.