Institutionalizing Advance Planning of Accessible Instructional Materials

Author: Stephanie Dawson

I have been a professional in the field of Disability Services for approx. 12 years. In my current role as Associate Director of Student Disability Services at Miami University, I oversee daily office operations and coordinate student accommodations. I also have a broad range of experience in developing and implementing institutional procedures to advance accessibility. For example, I developed our current Preterm Consultation procedure. The purpose of the procedure is to institutionalize advance planning of accessible instructional materials for students with vision and hearing disabilities. Implementation required procedure development and a variety of strategic activities to engage faculty and other campus stakeholders. Additionally, I was a co-presenter at AHEAD 2013 for Session 8.9 Changing the Documentation Perspective on the Two Year Campus. I also have experience teaching an Intro to Disability Studies survey course and regularly present at the OH-AHEAD annual conference