iPhones and WiFi, oh my! Disability Management for the Next Generation: Gen Z

Author: alisonluke

Alison has worked with students with Autism/ASD in higher education for over 7 years. Alison worked with the Autism Spectrum Navigators Program at Bellevue College, a specific support program for students with Autism. At Tufts University, Alison developed a peer mentoring program for students with Autism. As a Senior Disability Specialist in the Office for Students with Disabilities at UC San Diego, Alison worked with Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego on a pilot program for students with Autism in higher ed. In 2017, Alison developed "Communication, Organization, Academic, and Social skills for Tritons (COAST)", a weekly discussion group for UCSD students who identify as Autistic/ASD. Alison provides training to the UCSD campus, such as to student tutors and academic advisors about best practices for working with and supporting students with Autism. Alison is always working to provide a more inclusive environment for students through educating the community and the UCSD campus.