Let’s talk about sex: The importance of sex and disability discussions in higher education

Author: Jessica Guess

I have been working with individuals with disabilities for over 10 years. I am a former rehabilitation counselor that now works in higher education and a disabled person myself. Through my work I have seen the impact of lack of sexual education, limited access to resources, and the disparities in the opportunities and experiences of disabled youth. This is impacting disabled students in higher education settings. I have worked one on one with clients about this topic in the past and have a vested interest in how we are educating professionals to talk about sexuality and sexual rights with disabled people. As a PhD candidate, my research is on disability competence and I believe knowing how to talk about sex and disability is a vital part of that. I am aware there is a dearth of knowledge on this topic and this presentation will hopefully be a first step in increasing research and resources related to sex and disability.