Paradigm shift: Universal Student Success Effectively Applicable to Neurodiverse Success

Author: Felicitas Nungaray

Felicitas Nungaray is a disability specialist at the Student Disability Resource Center at University of California, Riverside. Felicitas current role is to assist students with psychological disabilities, chronic health conditions, and learning disabilities. She currently is also the Neurodiversity Social Skills Facilitator and is actively developing programing to support neurodiverse students. Felicitas is a License Marriage and Family Therapist, with an 18 year history of working with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Felicitas progressive experience working with individuals with disabilities was established at one of California’s Regional Centers, which led to providing more direct services through private practice as well as non-profit agencies. In the last 10 years her work has focus on assessments, and treatment planning for students with ASD, which include Applied Behavior Analysis, Pivotal Response Treatment, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.