Reimagining Access and Disability Justice in Distance Education

Author: Sam Shelton

I am a doctoral student with multiple disabilities whose research and writing focus on critical social justice pedagogies as they intersect with disability and can be generatively informed by disability justice frameworks. My dissertation will examine processes of constructing trauma-informed, healing-centered, and accessible learning spaces. I am currently working on several pedagogical projects related to accessibility in online teaching, anti-racist approaches to teaching in queer studies, and affective embodiments in social justice classrooms – all of which engage with disability studies/activism. In my graduate studies, I have completed several courses about teaching and earned my university’s Certificate in College and University Teaching. I have co-facilitated for the past three years the OSU New GTA Orientation, which provides training to incoming GTAs for the university. In my department, I have been an instructor for introductory and specialized courses at the undergrad level.