Same Mess, Different Day, EF Strategies that Work

Author: mramsay

Dr. Michele Ramsay is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker on topics of supporting students with differences. She is the Program Director at College Internship Program in Brevard, Florida. Dr. Ramsay has over 20 years of experience in education as a special needs teacher, assistant principal, director of special services, and now post-secondary program director. She worked on curriculum changes that facilitated transition and change. She holds a strong commitment to strengthening students’ educational experiences both inside and outside of the learning environment. Over the past year, Dr. Ramsay has presented at the following conferences and received outstanding feedback: 7th Annual Transitions Empowering Independent Learning Lynn University; Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, Florida (110 member faculty training); ASK US Florida Autism Conference; Atlantis Academy Family Night; Accessibility Summit 2016 Washington D.C.; Milestones Autism Conference Cleveland, Oh