Speakers Bureau Photo Voice: Using Photos to Tell Their Powerful Stories

Author: Molli Goggin

Molli has worked at UGA’s Disability Resource Center for 7 years, the last 5 as a Senior Coordinator. Molli is the facilitator of the DRC Speakers Bureau, which is also a part of Experiential Learning at UGA. Molli coordinates and presents to several departments in the campus community and facilitates Speakers Bureau panels. Molli has presented at the NADE conference (National Institute for Developmental Education) in February 2015. The presentation, Leadership Through Service: The Speakers Bureau included interactive simulations, audience participation and a formal powerpoint presentation. Audience members were presented with a toolkit for beginning their own Speakers Bureau at their institutions. Molli has presented at the poster session for PTI (Postsecondary Disability Training Institute) in Boston in May 2019. This poster session featured the Speakers Bureau’s mission, qualitative graphing and student quotes on how the Speakers Bureau has enhanced their college experience.