Taking a fresh look at document accessibility: An exploratory study examining how students with visual impairments interact with accessible documents

Author: ksinglet@gmu.edu

For over 9 years, Korey Singleton has worked as the Assistive Technology Initiative (ATI) Manager for George Mason University (GMU). The ATI operates under the Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics Office and is tasked with guiding and implementing a university-wide strategy for addressing the electronic and information technology accessibility needs of students, staff, faculty, and visitors with disabilities. Preceding his work with GMU, Korey spent 10 years as a Rehabilitation Engineer/Assistive Technology Specialist at various state/local agencies covering Northern Virginia and parts of Central and Northern Illinois (including Chicago) supporting the information technology needs of individuals with visual impairments and the seating and wheeled mobility needs of individuals with mobility impairments, respectively. He has presented locally, regionally, and nationally on various topics involving the integration of assistive technology and technology accessibility in higher education. This includes, but is not limited to AHEAD, Accessing Higher Ground, and ATIA. His education credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering (Mechanics) from Northwestern University, Master of Education (Special Education/Assistive Technology) from George Mason University, and a PhD in Education (Learning Technologies Design Research) from George Mason University.