The Embrace Mentoring Program: Mentors Benefit Too!

Author: LauraMHeron

Laura is currently a graduate assistant for FIU Embrace and is also a PhD student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As part of her role with FIU Embrace, she has contributed to several projects related to making the post-secondary education environment a better place for developmentally disabled students. Regarding the Embrace Mentoring Program, Laura is a part of the team responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating the EMP. This involves creating and editing workshop content, administering pre and posttests, and analyzing and reporting test results. As part of her PhD program, Laura also has prior experience presenting research at a national conference: Sunshine Education Research Center in Tampa, FL (full citation below). She was also a teaching assistant for two years where she gained experience in guest lecturing. Heron, L. M., Bruk-Lee, V. (2018). The indirect effect of conflict types on counterproductive work behaviors through work engagement. Poster session