The Invisibility of Disability in Diversity Initiatives in Higher Education: A Demand for Action


PROFESSOR KANTER is an internationally acclaimed expert in disability and education law and policy. She is the Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence at Syracuse University, where she directs the Disability Law and Policy Program and the International Program, which brings to SUCOL international students, including those specializing in disability and human rights. She holds a courtesy appointment at the SU School of Education. In Fall 2017, she was a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School; in Spring 2018, she was a Lady Davis Fellow at Hebrew University; and in 2009, she was a Fulbright Scholar at Tel Aviv University. She worked with the UN on drafting the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, and is the author of many articles and books, including most recently, THE DEVELOPMENT OF DISABILITY RIGHTS UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW: FROM CHARITY TO HUMAN RIGHTS (2015,2017). She founded and directs the most extensive disability law degree program in the world.