The student appointment that can’t wait: Developing a program to serve student-athletes with concussion

Author: Nancy Chinn

Dr. Nancy Chinn is a faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College and an Acquired Brain Injury Specialist in the Disability Resources Department. She received her doctorate from UC Davis, and is a researcher in the field of concussion management in athletics. She co-developed a concussion management program for student-athletes - one of the first to incorporate referral to Disability Resources as part of a return to classroom protocol. She has presented nationally and internationally on concussion management in collegiate sports. Her recent publication in the British Medical Journal of Sport and Exercise Medicine, is titled, “Concussion Reporting Behaviors of Collegiate Student-athletes and Limits of Transferring Concussion Knowledge During the Stress of Competition.” She is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, serves on the editorial board for JPED, and is an adjunct research fellow at Rocky Mountain University of Health Care Professionals.