U.S.–Japan Perspectives on Self-Advocacy for College Students with Disabilities

Author: HeikeBrown

Based in Tokyo, Dr. Boeltzig-Brown directs the Leadership Institute on Serving Students with Disabilities in Japan. Over the past 3 years, the Institute has trained disability and career services professionals from 9 Japanese universities on ways to better serve college students with disabilities. Dr. Boeltzig-Brown co-presented the results of this training together with Dr. Omodaka, Mr. Banzono, and Mr. Oketani (all three are listed as co-presenters below) at the 2018 national conference of AHEAD Japan, which took place on June 29–30, 2018 in Tokyo. Dr. Boeltzig-Brown also presented on this project at the 2017 national AHEAD Japan conference that was held on June 18–19, 2017 in Kyoto, Japan.