Under Siege from Demanding Stakeholders? How Access/Disability Services Can Remain Cool, Calm, and Collaborative

Author: nlipsitz

Neal E. Lipsitz, Ph.D. is Associate Dean for Student Development at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. He oversees Counseling, Health, Wellness, and Disability Services. Dr. Lipsitz has been a licensed psychologist and has been in the field of college mental health for 30 years. He currently directs services for students with disabilities along with his other administrative responsibilities. Over the past several years, Dr. Lipsitz has been presenting at local and national conferences on many aspects of service provision to students with disabilities. He taught an advanced seminar to senior psychology majors at Holy Cross on adult psychopathology for 5 years, now teaches a first-year seminar on Positive Psychology, and maintains a small private practice in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. He is co-editor of: Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act: Inclusive policy and practice for students with disabilities in higher education (2014).