Universally Designed Learning in Post-Secondary Education: A Synthesized Framework for Supporting Diverse Learners

Author: Kyle Reardon

I am currently a third-year doctoral student at the University of Oregon and hold an M.A. in Special Education from Northern Vermont University. I have worked in a variety of settings including direct behavior support for students with ASD, coordinator of a customized employment program for adults with I/DD, public school SPED teacher for high school students with I/DD, and as the Assistant Director of a residential support program for college students with diverse learning needs. In this most recent role, I oversaw three Academic Case Managers and three Academic Coaches (direct support staff) and redesigned the education program. My research interests include UD in post-secondary educational settings to support diverse learners, postsecondary supports for students on the autism spectrum, and the role of self-determination in secondary transition. I currently serve as a K-12 Practicum Supervisor for students in the Special Education Master’s program at the University of Oregon.