Using Lightboard Studio Concept to breathe life into the classroom

Author: Kelly Metz Davis

As a lecturer in the Business Studies Department at NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) at Rochester Institute of Technology, I teach Financial Accounting and Principles of Marketing. Over the summer, I received an institutional grant that allowed me to create videos by using the Lightboard Studio Concept. This concept was used to create/record videos for the Financial Accounting class that I currently teach. The goal was to bring life to a static topic while providing equal access to our students. This grant also provides me the opportunity to improve the way accounting is taught in way of flipped/online classroom. Students are able to view the videos until it is understood which could help their performance in class. My teaching experience at RIT encourages/allows me to be creative in the way I teach to ensure our students are successful in preparation for their transfer into a bachelor’s degree program.