Utilizing Mind Maps for Reading, Writing, Graphic Organizer and Time Management

Author: Brandon Conrad

Brandon, Product Manager with MatchWare Inc., is considered an expert in mind mapping software. His specialty is bridging the gap between mind mapping technology and children’s learning behaviors. Over the past 10 years, Brandon has been a key player in the development of assistive features as they relate to mind mapping software. Prior to MatchWare, Brandon worked with children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, and other behavioral disorders. Utilizing the techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis, he focused on shaping children’s behavior to “mainstream” them into the traditional classroom and become independent in their residential setting. With degrees in economics and psychology, Brandon brings a unique skill set to mind mapping and assistive tools. He has presented the topic of mind mapping at numerous ATIA, PMI Global Congress, Project World, and Project Challenge conferences. The constant input from his participants has helped to evolve the learning objectives for this topic.