Web Browser Extensions for Accessibility in Education

Author: lizsping

Liz was the first person in the nation to graduate with a B.S. in Engineering Education from Ohio Northern University with a minor in Mathematics in May, 2014. In generalities, this degree acts as a general engineering degree with a concentration in Computer Science and a Mathematics Education degree with a minor in Mathematics. With this, Liz earned her 7-12 Ohio teaching license in Mathematics. Currently, she is a graduate students at Virginia Tech where she is working on completing her Masters in Data Analytics and Applied Statistics and her PhD in Engineering Education surrounding computer science design standards for cognitively disabled individuals. Liz is a Graduate Assistant for the Instructional Technology Team. She provides technical support for the engineering software used by faculty and students throughout the College of Engineering including DyKnow, OneNote, Microsoft, and Inking. Additional tasks tasks include the support and editing of website content, documentation and creation of software tutorials, teaching of support classes, and support for tablet use.