What They Aren’t Saying: Faculty (Un)Willingness to Accommodate Students with Hidden Disabilities

Author: emccarron

I have been teaching at the college level (and providing academic accommodations) for over 20 years, so am very comfortable presenting. I earned my doctorate last year after spending three years researching the provision of academic accommodations at the college level, culminating in my dissertation called “The Willingness and Ability of Postsecondary Faculty to Provide Academic Accommodations to Students with Learning Disabilities.” My interest in the topic came while tutoring a student with ADD, executive function issues, and dysgraphia. As a faculty member, I am responsible for providing academic accommodations, and now have first-hand knowledge of why some faculty are willing to provide accommodations and others are not. I would like to share this information with disability services staff to help them better understand why some faculty seem resistant or skeptical about accommodating hidden disabilities.