Working with Students with Diabetes and Chronic Illnesses on Campus: Bridging the Knowledge Gap through REACH

Author: mmcamp

I have worked with accommodations for students with chronic health impairments for over 20 years, as a School Psychologist in K-12 and then in multiple university settings. I created best practices policy for attendance and Housing and Dining modifications for students with chronic health impairments on two university campuses, including my current tenure at Clemson. I am on the Advisory Board for the College Diabetes Network, as well as on the Advisory Council for the Greenville office of Epilepsy Advocates for America. On a personal note, I have a rare form of Diabetes since childhood, and several auto-immune diagnoses, including Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Having experienced these chronic health problems, I am able to share my experience navigating college and work with accommodations for equal access and to empathize with students as we design creative solutions.