Pearson-T-Base Accessible Textbook Catalog: Benefits

Author: psvoorhees

Philip is the Technology Accessibility Coordinator at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Prior to UNLV, Philip served as the Assistive Technology (AT)/Accessibility Specialist at the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) – TN eCampus and served as the architect of TBR’s accessibility initiative. Philip started his career in assistive technologies and accessibility at Middle Tennessee State University as an AT coordinator to startup MTSU’s Assistive Technology Center. He has developed strategic plans for program access at Northern Arizona University, Austin Peay State University, and TBR/TN eCampus. He has served as an ADA consultant for various TBR programs since 2001. Consulted for various institutions, associations, tech companies and state programs including the University of Memphis, United States Distance Learning Association, Elluminate and as the technical consultant on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission Accessibility Task Force for THEC’s recommendations to the Tennessee Legislature on Informational Materials and Technology (IMT) accessibility for the University of Tennessee and TBR systems. Philip has presented at various international, national and state conferences including CSUN’s International Technology and Persons with Disabilities conference.